Who we are

Education and Exchange (EDEX) was founded in 1997 by Stan Ryan, a pioneer in the field of International high school programmes in Ireland.

Staff member number 1 was Neil Norton. Neil   progressed   from   coordinator   to   office   manager, coordinator, operations manager,   eventually purchasing the company. 

Fast forward many years and today EDEX is one of the leading companies in this area in Ireland and we like to think the best. We are known throughout the world for providing a quality, safe and personal service. We work closely with every student that comes to Ireland with us.

Normally things run very smoothly but when working with teenagers there will inevitably be some issues that have to be dealt with and how we deal with these issues is what makes us the best.  Communication is of paramount importance and we ensure that no call, email or message is left unanswered.  If we don’t have the answer immediately we will let you know what we are doing to get the answer.

EDEX now has a staff of between 9-12 coordinators depending on the given year, all of whom ensure our students are well cared for and that the high school year is going as planned.  Our coordinators are very experienced in this field and our turnover of staff is almost non-existent. 

EDEX has evolved through the years and although high school programmes in Ireland are our main business we have 2 sister companies, EDEXAbroad and EDEXtreme.

We focus on sending Irish students abroad for high school and immersion in Spain, Germany, Italy and Switzerland. We also offer immersions in Ireland for adults and students, these are bespoke programmes and basically you tell us what you require and we will organize it.

This is our newest pursuit; we have purchased a property on the West of Ireland on Achill Island, 1 acre leading down to a bay. This place is peace on earth but with the option of adding some extreme sports, kite surfing, surfing & SUP to name a few. You choose what you want, we are working on this but the long term plan is that we will have 3 5* luxury Accommodations Domes overlooking the bay. Do nothing, do everything, the choice is yours