What We Do

EDEX Services​

This is where we excel; we provide an extremely personal and hands on service. Weekly visits are paid to every student in September and every 2 weeks from October on. Should a student need help at any stage they should contact their coordinator at any time. An email is sent each time a student gets a visit.

At the end of each month the copies are checked and a report is sent indicating the student’s progress. These are not school reports but do give an indication as to whether a student is working or not. Our coordinators are visiting schools on a regular basis and are kept informed by the teachers or principals on how a student is integrating with pupils and staff.

Likewise, we are in contact with the host families to monitor the student’s progress there. As we review the students’ work once a month we can judge how they are doing academically.

Below are a list of the services we provide here at EDEX.

  • Arrange a suitable school for a student.
  • Arrange airport transfers to and from the school or family at the beginning and end of the school year.
  • Pay school fees.
  • Purchase school uniforms and books.
  • Act as guardians to the student.
  • Pay regular visits to the student
  • Be available to the students in the unlikely event of them having a problem.
  • Organise a suitable host family for day school students

This family will provide full board accommodation consisting of breakfast, packed lunch and evening meal. There will only be one student of the same nationality per family if students are attending a day school and living with a family.

  • In some boarding schools there are free weekends. It is our policy to place numerous students together on these weekends.
  • Purchase bed linen for residential students. This will consist of 2 sheets, 1 pillow , 2 pillow covers, 1 duvet and 2 duvet covers.
  • Send full information on the school to our agent.
  • Where required, send our agent the required letter for visa application.
  • Get the documents required for certification/validation legalised by the department of education here.
  • Send regular reports to the agents on the student’s progress

These reports are based on the academic work done the previous month and we can judge the efforts made and speak to relevant teachers and the student if these are not up to a certain standard.