Making Memories

Education & Exchange in Europe (EDEX) has been working with students in Ireland since 1997.

We are regarded as one of the most trusted companies in high school placements in Ireland. We are confident in our services and as the owner I know that all our family of staff are committed to giving 100% while students are under our care.  Our staff work exceptionally hard and we all know that sending your son or daughter to Ireland is a major commitment in terms of money but more importantly in terms of trust. 

What could be more important than the safety and wellbeing of your child.  Nothing ! 

You may know, but if not, my name is Neil Norton.  If you are going to be using our services you need to know a little about me.  So where to begin….

Between the time you read this and the day I was born in 1973 I have worked in (not chronologically) Information technology, as a gym instructor, surf instructor, therapist, part time counsellor, fundraiser, saddle maker for an equestrian company, shelf stocker and probably many more in between.  I am an only child and have 2 children myself, Alexander and Emelia.  I am married to my wonderful wife, Fidelma. 

Fidelma is profoundly deaf, that is an important fact in my story as I appreciate the importance of the things that are not said, body language and the ease that information can be interpreted incorrectly.  My wife and I WhatsApp and I will be the first to admit there have been a few messages that have been taken up the wrong way and ended up with me on the couch.  It may seem irrelevant but I think you need to know who is running the company that is going to be taking care of your son or daughter.  I am naturally EMPATHETIC and PATIENT.  I believe these are important traits in this type of business.

This is a people business and I take a personal interest in every student that comes onto our programme, I put myself into their shoes, into the parents shoes and into the shoes of the agents abroad that have sent the students to us.As long as we can do this we will always provide a service that is honest, ethical and understanding.  We all know that we are all in this for the same outcome.  What is that outcome, well, that brings me to the next part of my introduction..  (I hope you are still with me)

We offer programmes that incorporate bespoke and safe placements but try to ensure you will have fun as well.  We have rules and regulations but also understand that these programmes are about memories.  After 19 years I had an epiphany, we weren’t just placing students in schools and families, we were doing something far more important, we were MAKING MEMORIES.

People ask me what we do...

I have always struggled as to how to answer as its a strange business but now I say we are in the business of MAKING MEMORIES.  It sounds kitsch, but its true.  You can count on our professionalism, our care and the fact that we will take care of any student under our care but above all its about MAKING MEMORIES.

I have thought long and hard about what I want out of life, what do I want for our students, for EDEX.  There are plenty of things I haven’t achieved yet but I know that for EDEX we are on track.  I want students to come on our EDEX high school programmes and experience life in Ireland.  I imagine our students now in 20, 30, 40 years when they are in their home country, speaking to their kids or grandkids about their year abroad.

Showing pictures of their time here , speaking about the hard times, the easy times and the many trips back they made over the years.  I want their thoughts of Ireland to bring back the type of nostalgia I feel when I hear an 80s song on the radio, transporting me back to my youth and the World stops for a few minutes.  That is what EDEX is about. 

The memories will be different for everyone, Pandemics (probably shouldn’t mention that one :-)), the weather, new friends, new food, saying goodbye to friends, meeting friends on holidays, learning something new…. These will all vary on any given year and vary for every person.

We are all individuals but as individuals we are connected in this wonderful experience.  I know they will look back on their time here with love and if they can remember EDEX had a small part to play I will be very happy !  This part has been influenced by a Facebook chat I had last night with the very first student I coordinated with many years ago, she has started a new company and I am seeing if we can work together.  Nostalgia and MAKING MORE MEMORIES..

Thanks for reading and please have a look at our site to see if we suit your family, follow us on Facebook at EDEXIreland as that will tell you more about us.  We work with the best agencies in the World so contact a local agent near you and they should know us, if not tell them to give me a ring and we can start. 

Change Your Life

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