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Host families
are chosen carefully

All host families are chosen carefully by EDEX. When choosing a family the most important criteria for us are the mothers. Over many years we have found that if she is okay then all else will fit into place.

We do not guarantee that there will be someone the same age as a student in the house. Just because two students are of the same age does not guarantee that they will be friends.

The family must be able to offer the student their own room. This must be warm and have a desk for studying at.

Families are given a set of guidelines to ensure that they know our requirements and all have to put themselves for police checking.

Students safety is our first consideration.

If a family say no to something it is because EDEX have told them they have to say no, a students safety is our first consideration.

For boarding school students we usually place them in families with other International students on the free weekends.

Accommodation with families is full board. Monday-Friday students get breakfast, packed lunch and dinner. The family also do the laundry for the student.

In the case of day pupils the agency will be given family details for a student not later than 10 days before their arrival.

This is a new family, new mother, father, brothers etc, parents are always worried about “what if the family and my son don’t get on ?”… If there is an issue we will look at it and we have other families in each area so moving is always a possibility. We prefer to solve the issue but moving is an option.