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Founded in 1989
EDEX is now
a market leader.

Originally founded in 1989 the original company, called the Dunlaoire Language Centre, was renamed Education and Exchange in Europe (EDEX). This was prompted by the fact that our main business was academic year placements.

Today EDEX is one of the leading companies in this area in Ireland and we like to think the best. We are known throughout the world for providing a quality, safe and personal service. e work closely with every student that comes to Ireland with us. Normally things run very smoothly but when working with teenagers there will inevitably be some issues that have to be dealt with and how we deal with these issues is what makes us the best.

Our students may come from all parts of the World including Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Russia, Mexico and South Africa to name but a few but they all go back with a bit of Ireland.